Tuesday, December 8, 2009


its been more than a month this allergic thing keep "ruining"my hand,ouch!i keep on scratching here and there like monkey,haha.i still remember how my lips getting biggy and more juicy mmuah because of these allergic and i still walked around uitm with dt angelina jolie wannabe or swollen,scary,juicy lips,aha!and now dt allergic thing keep hunting my hand,wey sumpahan ape ni?haha.now my hand looks like 'eeyyuuww,yuck',so i decided to go the clinic after been persuade by those who are concern or they just feel geli,i went after the futsal match kononnyala,so the doctor explain that this allergic happened because of food or stress and it will be a long term effect,aha tk blh pakai short sleeve dh,hihi!nvm,medicine will help me,shhhh bacteria,ihetchiu!
hahaha,alin,sara,cib,kaled jgn geli-geli taw,


  1. mak aii..ada rupanya allergic yg boleh buat org transform jadi angelina jolie..cool gila wey kau..

  2. cm cool,kn??aku berangan je nk angelina jolie tp tebal do,mcm alien!

  3. HAHA angelina jolie truss! Geli laa cmni akuu, alaaa :P HAHAHA, takpe A GALAK punya pasal okay jee!