Friday, December 26, 2008


the notebook movie n unintended song remind me of u.*phew*,God can u erase all da memory between us and make my life normal like others.its been 1year already ;(

since baby ;)

since baby i know u guys.cousin,kak kuin syg awk-aju,myra,ina.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

oh,x jadi masalah ;)

i don't know why i post this pic.but for some reason,i went thru page of a girl*not to mention her name*,its kinda of sillay when they're so concern bout how their body like."OMAGAD,im desperately wanna be skinny","I cannot take this,calories","gain weight,see how fat i am"-typical girl will say all these rubbish sentence.they even threw up efrything they eat!hoit !!

ok, let em be ;)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

dis is not my 1st time

erlowwww blogging ;)

aha,its been an ages since i dnt do blogging. i do have a blog since i was 16teen-wey mudanya!but i've to delete my blog due to some reason-perhaps u guys don't wanna know why!!;)

blogging?and oh y?

da holiday getting booo-riing and it seems like i waste my day with nothin!nothing?i mean it just sitting at hoText Colorme,watching tv and err,sleeping.i miss my BESTIES so much.adyba-which in MMU malacca,kym-in egypt,phesza-sumwhere in seremban.not to forget teera,tyra and lulu which in segi.i do miss u guys!!!

less than a wek n im goanna stuck in uitm,aish!result?aha 2.98 sudeh,it isnt so good fr certain of u out there but hey,"aku tiada basic acc"-believe me,i dnt study for account,every quizzes or test i dnt even manage to finish it up-TIDORR!final exam-i spend only 1hour to finish da paper and da rest-ZzZz ;).but hey-xd paper fail or repeat,still ok.alhamdulillah ;)oh alang score 4flat-tahniah,she's in uitm s'wak n taking QS.