Sunday, March 28, 2010

"It's better to be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone".

-Marilyn Monroe


ignorance is my new therapy,

sorry if i ignore u too much,

I'm getting hopeless with the heartless .

night of equity ,

here's the pic,

great nite with the great ppl,

diff approach ,

I've got a different approach dealing with emotions,

I've tried so hard keeping tears out of my eyes,unless happiness be the reason that i decide to cry,

I know about down and out,i know when it gets tough and losing my fight and i just wanna give up,

I know about being depressed by needing someone to love,

I also know by standing up and saying enuff is enuff,

But , Im feeling better nowadays .

better keep it as secret ,

Im happy and i think i should keep it to myself ,

I should restrict this feelings from getting serious cause i know it might bring tears,

how is it possible for me to warn this feelings from falling for u..

I admirer da way u approach me,da way u play words like melody,da way u chill my anger in a simple way and the most tempting about u that can be consider is ur knowledge.

U're just my dream guy type.

I know i can't get u but ill keep it to myself ,

Monday, March 15, 2010


Now its time to confront with my failure..

Keep on talking bad about me,
Keep on digging things about me
Keep on blaming me.

Thanks for spying on me,
C0ngrates for badmouthing about me,