Thursday, October 29, 2009


goodbye friend,not "friends" ;(

hope everything will be fine

alin,sara .. i heart u guys always ,ex oh ex oh!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


amalina kamal !

nor amalina babi,pg library slh bwk thumbdrive.on9 bukak web lain,baguihhhhhhhhh!!!

awk,cptla buat term paper,dh la pukul 5 nk submit,deadmeat do!

kaled bongok pg ipoh,yab pn sbb tk jwb fon.yg pandai hanya la tk,kao pn bongok sbb kitorang tk call kao sbb kitorang tao kao mmg tk kn dtg library hantar thumbdrive,hahaha.sara pemalas tk nk hantar, !!!!!!!!

harap maklum,law 240 td sgt suuusssssssaaaaaaaaah!!!kene tipu bulat bulat dgn soalan spot ;)

akhirnya bio nik yg sudi nk tolong,yabbbbbbbbbbb!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Ive got my result for my costing paper,it wasnt good!no!i have to pass this paper.ya allah,help me .

but there's something that caught my attention today in malaysia kini today,i on9 thru my mobile while waiting for cik sara kora to come to the library
here is the statement that sometimes realize all of us.

"Malays swayed by sweet talk,false promises",

its true right,i do myself admit that i easily swayed by sweet talk ;)

"We were silent when we were challenged and we turn blind when we were attacked.the spirit which was for unity,is now drawn towards dissidence and destruction"