Sunday, June 28, 2009


tkpa,tk salah u/bf nk gedik dgn org lain,go ahead,ill be fine man !

even if im not fine,ull never care .thx.

Baby I don't know why ya treatin me so bad
You said you love me, no one above me
And I was all you had
And though my heart is eating for ya
I can't stop crying
I don't know how
I allow you to treat me this way and still i stay

Friday, June 26, 2009

rakan yg meng'activate' adrenaline sy ;)

aleya hashim-one of my kawan-lama-baik-syg since we're in form 2 when at dt time tuition is da most favourite place to hang out or searched for a guy(ptot tk pandai)soo gedik!!we're so fucking childish,bring cakes to da tuition for da teachers.whattha fark kn?konon cute la?we've been thru up n down,thx to those fuckingretardpiggy takpa,jodoh.finally masing2 tersangkut dkt uitm s iskandar.jumpa u lagikn miang?i love u bitch ;)

Monday, June 15, 2009

random .

I want to be remembered as the girl who always smiles even when her heart is broken, and the one who could always brighten up ur day even if she couldn't brighten her own.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

kini giliran chib ;)

i love u bestie ;)

Friday, June 12, 2009

kao kaled,mmg cantik !

i tend to choose guy to be my bff and u're the choosen one ;)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

oh future !

i've been thinking a lot about my future,my thought,my curiousity is mixing n oh y im so worried!herlow,im 19teen-a suitable age to start thinking bout my future.would it be perfect?since i was small,my hero is my father n if any1 ask me who is my idole,ill put my father 1st.i adore him !yah2,everyone will say'ya lah,bpk kao..mestilah kao suke'.no its not just a bout personal thing but i just adore how he handle everything and his determination !

Malaysia's Dato Othman bin Harun, Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police I, Deputy Director, underscored the importance of handling drug abuse cases,NST-his sincerity of his work which makes me proud of him ,;')

he doesn't care if people try to hurt him.i just love his sincerity.if we do our work sincerely,we will get da

will i pass my study ?will i be an accountant after i finished my studying,argh!many people jobless due to the economic factor.i'allah,there will be an opportunity for me if i work hard,but it seems that i ignore my study n easily get distract with stupid things..

alhamdulillah,i've such a supportive family,tajuddin n harun family,i heart u guys! hope there will be more n more new comer n babies !;)

its gettin bored if our love story will be ended with break up n we have to try it over n over my love life will be just like barbie&ken-'life is ur creation'or it will end up with a perfect marriage...

i have lotsa of friends but true friends is hard to good in socialising,ehem2!!i dont have to warm up with strangers,i will talk,talk n talk..minah pot pet mungkin!once i have a special friends,now i lost her,no one can understand how we feel without judgement or discrimination.discrimination is sooooo lame that many people get hurt by this phrase.

i learnt that everything happened for a reason which might be by our own decision kn?to have da bright future is not possible if we work hard n pray to ALLAH always..always..