Wednesday, June 3, 2009

oh future !

i've been thinking a lot about my future,my thought,my curiousity is mixing n oh y im so worried!herlow,im 19teen-a suitable age to start thinking bout my future.would it be perfect?since i was small,my hero is my father n if any1 ask me who is my idole,ill put my father 1st.i adore him !yah2,everyone will say'ya lah,bpk kao..mestilah kao suke'.no its not just a bout personal thing but i just adore how he handle everything and his determination !

Malaysia's Dato Othman bin Harun, Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police I, Deputy Director, underscored the importance of handling drug abuse cases,NST-his sincerity of his work which makes me proud of him ,;')

he doesn't care if people try to hurt him.i just love his sincerity.if we do our work sincerely,we will get da

will i pass my study ?will i be an accountant after i finished my studying,argh!many people jobless due to the economic factor.i'allah,there will be an opportunity for me if i work hard,but it seems that i ignore my study n easily get distract with stupid things..

alhamdulillah,i've such a supportive family,tajuddin n harun family,i heart u guys! hope there will be more n more new comer n babies !;)

its gettin bored if our love story will be ended with break up n we have to try it over n over my love life will be just like barbie&ken-'life is ur creation'or it will end up with a perfect marriage...

i have lotsa of friends but true friends is hard to good in socialising,ehem2!!i dont have to warm up with strangers,i will talk,talk n talk..minah pot pet mungkin!once i have a special friends,now i lost her,no one can understand how we feel without judgement or discrimination.discrimination is sooooo lame that many people get hurt by this phrase.

i learnt that everything happened for a reason which might be by our own decision kn?to have da bright future is not possible if we work hard n pray to ALLAH always..always..


  1. ailin, akhirnya kau ngaku juga bapak kau pak polisi! hahaa ;). btol2. bapak kau terbaik. mmg pato kau jd kan dir hero. wehh, kang kerja akauntan kat ibu pejabat polis bukit aman sudah, suro bapak kau masukkan kau ;p

  2. u are too old to think bout ur future,
    but not me..
    i stil younger than u..huhu
    prasan lak aku

  3. kao ni mmg lah kaled,eyh ana kao pn tua ;)

  4. wahahah, bangga pak long dapat anak mcm awak ahh! :DD

  5. heehhehe mesti pak long kembang2 hidong ;)