Sunday, August 29, 2010


Shangri La
Gain weight,thank u delicious food ;)

Saturday, August 28, 2010



whyyyyyyyyyyyy ?

Why you're so sexual?? I wonder how perfect the combination of your cells *sigh*

Friday, August 27, 2010

It's a gift.

Part 5 semester of diploma year really get me high baby! ;)
1 semester left to end our journey ,

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Do I remind yew?

Do I remind you
Of the pain
That he put you
Through girl
Is that the reason
I'm to blame
Before I do it
Is it because he
Treated you badly
I always stand accused
Protecting yourself
From somebody else
I'm not
Who's hurting you girl

And it's
Killing me girl
Knowing you
Compare me to him
Always guilty
Before the sin
I can't win
I can't win no
I'll do anything
To prove I love you
Baby girl
But I refuse to
Pay for something
I didn't do
I love you girl
But I refuse to stay
Paying for his mistakes

He left a scar
Across your heart
I understand girl
Don't let his wrongs
Tear us apart
Cause girl
I'm your man

Just because he did
You swear
I'm cheating
You think
I just don't care
Why must I do time
For another man's crime
Girl you know
That ain't fair

I know
He did you wrong
But tell me what does
That have to do with me
Trying to show you
Something real
Figure out
What is going on
Before you look up
And I'll be gone
I'll do anything
To prove I love you
Baby girl
But I refuse
To pay for something
I didn't do girl
I love you
And I love you
I love you

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

ouchhh too sweet too handle , wevv yeeww guys ;)

Thanks love,

This moment will be remember for the rest of my life <3

Muhammad Suhail Kamaruzaman, awk sangat baik hati

Syahirah,thanks for being my pilot , Imma good co-pilot ;)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hello Mr ;)

I know a place that we can go to
A place where no one knows you
They won't know who we are
I know a place that we can run to
And do those things we want to
They won't know who we are

Let me take you there
I wanna take you there

I know a place that we forgot
A place where we won't get caught in
They won't know who we are
I know a place where we can hide out
And turn our hearts inside out
They won't know who we are

I know a place we'll be together
And stay this young forever
They won't know who we are

We can get away to a better place if you let me take you there
We can go there now cause every second counts
"Boy"just let me take you there

My bridesmaid ,

Tahu tak awk ini seronok! Fun to be with sebab awk macam Ken and Im your barbie girl! ehh awk jangan marah sbb awk pun comel jugak, nasib kite tak cakap awk macam mama atashinchi ;)

Kite pelik kenapa awk cakap kite sombong dulu, awk mula mula nampak kite dekat toilet tengah cuci scirt then awk dgn confidentnya assume kite sombong! ehh tk faham betul la.

Tdk mengapa,kite sayang awk sebab awk je boleh tao kenapa kite menangis tiba tiba, sebab kite lapar.awk je yg tahu kenapa tiba tiba kite suka diam, and awk je yg tahu kenapa kite garang dan keras hati! awk jugalah yg tao bile hormone gedik kite functioning well yeow.

Ok, bosanla ckp pasal NURUL SYAHIRAH ZAINI ni ;)

Bff , thanks for listed me as one of your shomellll bestfriend ever ;)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hye boyfriend ;)

I don't care if people hate me but I'll cry if you guys ever hate me ;)

Syeera Zaini,Alin Kamal and Maisarah Salleh ( balik cepat! rindu)<3