Sunday, July 18, 2010

Forgive me ,

Forgive me if i ignore u since the day I'm off to Perak."Ingat dh lupa your mama dkt kl ni,never call or text me sejak balik",never across my mind I'll forget u mama.I miss u badly but there is a tense between us during my holiday . Thanks for your concern and guidance to lead me in my journey

"I'll leave him if it makes u happy mama."

I may look stronger outside because mama said never waste your precious tears and people may say I'm heartless. This is what mama tryin to teach. "Ignore what people say and be kind to other and now I am somebody", Mama .

Setitik air mata ibu jatuh, 10 kebajikan anak hilang .

I'll never let u waste ur tears .


  1. InsyaAllah, let us take care of our Mothers full hearted :)