Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My ankle boots ,

I bought an ankle boots 1 year ago,but i rarely wear this shoes, i feel much more comfortable wearing pump shoes rather than ankle boots.

I guess the perfect outfits to wear this kind of shoes are skinny jeans and tights,skirts and dresses and mini shorts, kan bagus kalau dresscode uitm macam ini, tk bazir beli kasut ni ;)

There is a lot of ways to play-up my outfits to match with ankle boots. But I should be careful with playing up with my outfits because I might overdo it and end up being arrested by the fashion police!" hahha, that is why i should say goodbye ankle boots, I love my pumps moooreeee ;). Jangan merajuk sebab i dh pakai u few times jugak,at least u pernah pg pavilion , thee-hee