Friday, November 20, 2009

kawan sampai akhirat

haha,finally i can catch up with u guys n pity that sara,su were not there,rara tapayah ckpla kn?i really miss u guys,omagad,i really love u guys,no words can describe how grateful i am to met u guys yesterday in an unexpected way..

sincere friendship will last longer ;')

we wont stick for each other but we know that there are places in our heart for 6 of us,mischiiiiuuuu!


  1. hahaha..aku punya entry ada yg tajuk kawan sampai mati..nmpak nya kau menang ahh,sebab kau punya sampai akhirat..

  2. hahahahahha!! deeepp dowhh! ailin but true! and always remember that, absence makes the heart grow fonder. :) in unexpected way or cara terpaksa pergi ker ns? haha saya rela hati yer pergi! ekekeke.